Walking Cornwall; Porthmeor Cove to Gurnard’s Head

Monday, August 3, 2020

This is a short but spectacular walk across the North West coast line, taking in tiny secret coves, wild ponies and impressive cliff views as you go.

Treen Cove secret beach Cornwall
Treen Cove

We park by the Carn Galver Engine House, and after a brief pause to admire this ancient structure, take the gorse-edged path that slopes down towards the ocean. We stroll downhill until we hit the coast path, before turning right and continuing our walk, stopping at intervals to take photos of the impressive ocean views and wild flowers that wave from the edges of the cliff path.

Walking the Cornish coast path

Within a short amount of time we round the headland to catch a glimpse of Porthmeor Cove. Here, turquoise water flows over white sand and boulders, and a stream runs down the valley, carving the headland before emerging on to the beach. Despite it being a hot day in August, there isn’t a single other person in sight, and we sit and watch as green, glassy waves crash on to the beach. The swell is a bit big for swimming today, but when the conditions are right, this is a perfect place to cool off. Alternatively, there is a secret tidal pool nestled amongst the rocks here. If you do manage to find it, no doubt you’ll have the cool, blue pool to yourself, but shhh… it’s a secret!

Porthmeor Secret Cove Cornwall

After a coffee and breakfast break, we continue our walk onwards. We pass ponies grazing on the cliff edge, framed by blue water and sky, and it’s not long before we find ourselves at Gurnard’s Head. Gurnard’s Head is a narrow headland named as such for its appearance, which is said to resemble the head of a gurnard fish. We do an entire circle of the headland, before traipsing down the cliff path to Gurnard Beach, also known as Treen Cove.

The route down the valley towards the cove is abundant with nature. The air is hot and warm, and fat bees bumble their way from flower to flower, drunk on pollen. Out by the shore edge, the water looks like green glass and a family is taking turns diving off the rocks in to the deep water below. The tide is high so the beach isn’t accessible yet, but the white sand and clear water glimmer at us enticingly from a distance.

Gurnard Beach Secret

Mine ruins Cornwall

Today we don’t have time to wait for the tide to go out, so instead we retrace our steps and walk away from the coast path, heading back inland towards the Gurnard’s Head pub. A big yellow square sat amongst the moorland, you can’t miss it. Already the carpark is full and voices sound from the garden. However we ignore the temptation for an ice cold drink, and instead walk back along the road towards our starting point. By the time we reach our car, it is only just lunchtime, but I feel like I

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